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The Dodge Family Fund’s mission is to improve the chances that children in families with low incomes will succeed in school and in life. It continues the mission of Teaching Strategies, a company Diane Trister Dodge founded and led for 24 years, to enhance the quality of early childhood programs by developing innovative curriculum, assessment, professional development,
and family resources.


The Fund’s goals are to:


  • Support innovative approaches to improving the quality of early learning programs.

  • Build the stature of the early education profession and recognition of the critical role this profession plays in the future of our nation.

  • Support efforts to reduce the effects of poverty that hinder the cognitive, social, and emotional development of children and youth, as well as to identify and support the programs seeking to establish pathways out of poverty.


The Fund awards grants to organizations seeking to develop innovative approaches and initiatives consistent with the Fund’s mission and goals. If your organization is interested in applying to the Fund to support initiatives in these areas, please see "Applying."   Please note new grantmaking policy in "Applying."

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